Ian Jefferis - Director

Ian Jefferis

Director – CA (PP), BCom

PA Details
Oksana Filatova
DDI03 260 2695
E[email protected]

Highly respected throughout his team and client network, Ian draws on a depth of knowledge and experience to provide the level headed and personable advice that he is known for.

Having owned a number of businesses, Ian is able to relate to the concerns and challenges that come with being a business owner. Building relationships is a key aspect of Ian’s work, and over the years many of his clients have become lifelong friends – a testament to his dedication and reliability in all aspects of his job.

Ian is a firm believer that if you’re standing still, you’re actually going backwards. He’s energised by working with people who are determined to develop, innovate and make a positive contribution. This has led him to become involved with a number of governance roles, his capable leadership ensuring he’s continually a favoured choice.

When he’s not at work, Ian enjoys spending time on his lifestyle property and working on his small but cherished classic car collection.

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