This is all about ‘working on your business, not working in your business’.  Our Governance Programme is unlike traditional procedures.  It is decisive, value-creating, timely and more importantly, fun!

What can we do to help?

Advice abounds. You’ve heard it many times, “Work on your business not in your business”. Well that’s a nice theory when the troublesome customer/client calls, the bank wants some updated information yesterday and your right hand person calls in sick. And yet working “on your business” is the approach you will see adopted by many successful business people.

There’s a practical way to implement this proven approach. It’s having regular “Time Out”. Just as fast paced basketballers take time out during the game to assess strategies and tactics and to re-energise, taking regular time out from the day-to-day running of your business has similar benefits.

Simple and regular board meetings create segregation from day-to-day management. This may not be the sort of board meeting you are familiar with. It’s not traditional company governance. It’s not compliance. And it isn’t just planning.


Traditional Governance:

  • Puts the Directors, often external people, at the top of a hierarchy
  • Directors set the direction and rules, management get on with it and make recommendations to Directors on the big questions


Duns Governance Programme consists of:

  • Board meetings with a simple agenda, held regularly: Typically monthly, sometimes quarterly
  • An external perspective from someone who does not work in the business; someone you can trust
  • We help you to be accountable to your own goals. No hierarchy is created, unlike traditional governance
  • The benefits of Duns Governance Programme are gained without any new structure or significant additional cost
  • Meetings should be decisive, value-creating, timely and fun too!